DCode UK

Non Destructive Entry locksmithing tools.

Dcode UK

Welcome to the Dcode UK website.

Dcode UK design and manufacture equipment for the non destructive opening of common locking systems found throughout the world today. Our tools allow the swift opening of many lock types without the need to repair or replace the customers property afterwards.

Dcode UK are also the official distributor for the Turbo vehicle decoder tools as seen on the internet.

Why choose our lock decoders?

All our decoders have been designed and built for ease of use.

Many are colour coded to act as a reminder to a busy locksmith about which part of the pick / decoder tensions the lock and which is the pick itself. Robust, strong and lightweight, tools designed for none destructive entry.

Our equipment will allow you to open and if required decode the lock in question in a minimum time frame allowing you to free up more time for your business development.